2013-14: Brazil

As The Wexner Center has immersed itself widely in the increasing prominence of Brazil on global, contemporary arts, this year’s WorldView program engages this cultural integrity and diversity through two films, Wasteland (February 13) and Domestica (February 20) and the exhibition Cruzamentos: Contemporary Brazilian Art (February 1 through April 20, 2014).


Wasteland, a 99 minute film by Lucy Walker, illuminates the social, environmental, and economic frame of artist Vik Muniz’s journey back to his homeland, Brazil, where he utilizes materials of the largest landfill in the world to not only depict beauty among waste, but the strength of the culture.

Click Wasteland for teaching and learning materials.




Gabriel Mascara’s Domestica, a 76 minute film, crafts insight to the lives of domestic workers, as the viewer invades their daily thoughts and tasks, giving narrative to the societal issues of class, gender, identity and culture through personal encounters of those who dwell in the shadows of inequality.

Click Domestica for teaching and learning materials.

Domstica_ Divulgacao Desvia 3_700http://cargocollective.com/gabrielmascaro-en/Housemaids


To supplement global discovery and research through these exposures of Brazilian culture, visit the Wexner exhibition Cruzamentos: Contemporary Brazilian Art, featuring various notable Brazilian emerging contemporary artists.

For more information and to register, visit: http://wexarts.org/public-programs/worldview-brazil

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