Afghan Star Teacher Packet

Teacherpacket – PDF

Afghan Star Teaching Materials – separate documents

This packet is related to the discussion Dr. Alam Payind and Melinda McClimans had following their first viewing of “Afghan Star.” It also draws from their experience teaching about Afghanistan.

Instructions for separate documents: There are 9 documents, a total of 25 pages. The first document is an introduction to the rest of the material, with ideas for discussing Afghan Star, and key stopping points in the film for discussion.  There are some additional documents related to Pashtunwali, the traditional code of ethics and source of governance for Pashtuns – all ethnic groups in Afghanistan have similar codes.

Here are some images of Afghanistan that give an idea of the grandeaur and greenness of the landscape, in addition to a street shot and site significant sites in Kabul:

There are many different ethnicities in Afghanistan, who can be recognized by the way they dress, their facial features and other characteristics. The following images include very good portraits which give some idea of the diversity of Afghanistan. In addition, there are scenes related to the Sufi traditions of Afghanistan. NYT, Kabul piece:

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